database iconDatabase (Spin-Hamiltonian Parameter List)


Database consists of 6 categories listed in the above. When go to each category, you can see a list of SH parameter files, as shown in below. You can perform various commands, as explained in below.

(1) Category, and the number of folders/files in this category.
(2) Please select the unit for SH parameters.
(3) Each folder contains a set of SH parameter files for either a single EPR center or a group of related centers. This list offers you various useful utilities.

Map all: run Angular-Map Simulation using all files in the folder.
Spec.all: run EPR-Spectrum Simulation using all files in the folder.

Map: run Angular-Map Simulation.
Spectrum: run EPR-Spectrum Simulation.
Level: run energy-level simulation.
View: view the selected file.
Download: download the selected file to your computer.

If you have been authorized through the Login page, you can use advanced commands for modifying the database directly.
Copy: make a copy of the selected file to a new/other folder.
Edit: edit the text of the selected file.
Rename: rename the selected file/folder.
Move: move the selected file to a new/other folder.
Delete: delete the selected file/folder.
Enable or Disable: set your file to be available or unavailable for users.

The last 4 commands (Edit, Rename, Move, Delete) are permitted only for the Author of the file (those who uploaded the file).