International Symposium on
Digital Libraries and Knowledge Communities in
Networked Information Society

March 2 - 5, 2004
Venue: Kasuga Campus, University of Tsukuba
(Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan)
Sponsored by: University of Tsukuba
In cooperation with: The National Science Foundation (USA)
DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (EU)
Japan Society of Library and Information Science

Our information and knowledge environment has been and continues to be changed by the dramatic development of the Internet. Rapid progress in mobile and ubiquitous communication technologies is accelerating the change.

The Digital Library is broadly recognized as a key component in the networked information environment - a means of sharing information and knowledge in our society not only today but in the future. Since the mid 1990s there have been substantial efforts to develop practical technologies for digital library services. Starting in the scholarly and professional communities, the development of networked information has already brought significant changes in publishing and in information-seeking behavior - not just of scientists and professionals but of general public as well, including children. The Internet has been adopted as a major part of corporate and government information infrastructures and is already an integral part of our information lifelines.

These changes have brought significant changes not only to individuals but also to our communities. While the Internet serves as part of the information infrastructure for traditional communities rooted in geographical location, it is also enabling the formation of knowledge-centric communities based on intellectual interest.

This symposium will discuss the current status and future prospects of digital libraries and knowledge communities in our networked information society. This symposium will provide an international forum for papers and discussions by researchers, developers and practitioners in and for Digital Libraries and Knowledge Communities. The symposium welcome participants from broad range of communities, from computer and communication technologies to social sciences and to the humanities. The symposium topics are not limited, and may include

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