RCKC is located in Union of Library and Information-media Studios in Kasuga Area in University of Tsukuba

Direction to RCKC

The TX Tsukuba station is underground. When you come up from the platform and go through a ticket gate you will see Starbucks.  Take exit A2 (which is to the left as you face the Starbucks) and go up to the ground level. (There is both an elevator and escalator at A2.).   On the ground level, you'll face a big crossroads. There is a Koban (a police station) on your left. Turn to the right and make a 180 degree turn from the exit.  You should walk up the street with a park on your right and a parking lot across the street.  Continue for about five minutes following the curve of the road to the left. Then you'll come to "T" intersection (three-way corner).  Cross the intersection and turn right.   You'll find the entrance to my campus in a very short distance and turn left into it.  As you enter the campus you will see a water-pond on your right and a group of buildings ahead.  Please head for the 4-story building.  The research center office is located on the 2nd floor of that building. (telephone for RCKC office: 0-29-859-1524)

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Tsukuba Science City