The 117th RCKC Colloquium "People, Information, Knowledge: Understanding Information Cultures"

Title "People, Information, Knowledge: Understanding Information Cultures"
Speaker Narayan Bhuva (Visiting Foreign Research Fellow at RCKC and Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney)
Date Tuesday, November 25th, 2014. 15:15-16:15
Location Meeting Room for Joint Research 1 on the 3rd floor of ULIS bldg. in Kasuga Area
Abstract My research interests are focused on how people interact with and use information within their daily lives in various Information Ecologies. In this colloquium, I will talk about my research into the two aspects of our contemporary information society, specifically the information cultures around two contextual information domains; one where we can harness smart technologies to gather in situ qualitative data from thousands of people to understand people’s everyday information behaviors and practices, the other where thousands of people, both children and adults, are victims of online misbehavior via these same smart technologies. The first (funded by the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre) is investigating issues around diabetes informatics; it focuses on understanding people’s information practices around the everyday self-management of information-intensive chronic health conditions such as diabetes using mobile technologies to help improve health outcomes. The second (funded by the Australian Domain Authority Foundation) is exploring the development of a cyberbullying-detection system for digital social media based on human-coded alerts and discernable language patterns from within social media data sets.
Participation The seminar will be presented in English. No charge to participate and no reservation is needed.


Bhuva is Discipline Leader and Assistant Professor in Information & Knowledge Management and Digital Social Media programs at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Bhuva’s interests are in the area of contextual information ecologies and in developing human-centered research methodologies to study them. Bhuva is working also on exploring people’s shifting understandings of personal, private, privatized, public and publicized information, both offline and online, especially on social media, and how it informs their social worlds. She is consultant to the State Library of New South Wales in Australia on matters of multicultural information resources and policy, and has worked on several Australian-government-funded Teaching and Learning projects and government reports. Bhuva’s publications can be accessed from QUT ePrints (,_Bhuva.html) and the UTS repository (