The 131st RCKC Colloquium "Towards New Modes of Publishing and Information-Sharing among Researchers at Pitt and Internationally" by Timothy S. Deliyannides

Title Towards New Modes of Publishing and Information-Sharing among Researchers at Pitt and Internationally
Speaker Timothy S. Deliyannides (Director of Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing, Head of Information Technology, Univerisity of Pittsburgh Library)
Date Thursday, March 1st, 2016, 14:30-16:30
Location Conference Room on 2nd Floor In Central Library, University of Tsukuba
Abstract The Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing (OSCP) at the University of Pittsburgh Library System is engaged in a wide range of activities to support scholarly communication for researchers at Pitt, with special emphasis on promoting open access to research for the global community of scholars. In this talk, an overview of the activities of OSCP will be shown. In particular, the library’s extensive journal publishing program, D-scholarship@Pitt (publishing via institutional repository), the open access author fee fund, and innovations in measuring the scholarly impact of researchers at Pitt will be described. Additionally, the talk will explore the underlying philosophy and policies behind these activities, and explain the strategic goals of Pitt’s University Library System to demonstrate leadership in scholarly communications, publishing, and information sharing.
Participation The seminar will be presented in English with Japanese translation. No charge to participate and no reservation is needed.


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