The 134th RCKC Colloquium "Hearing Ability and Hearing Acuity" by Prof. Rumi Hiraga

Title Hearing Ability and Hearing Acuity
Speaker Rumi Hiraga (Professor, Division of Industrial Technology, Tsukuba University of Technology )
Date Tuesday June 28th, 2016, 14:00-15:00
Location Meeting room 7B310 on the 3rd floor of 7B bldg. in Kasuga Area
Abstract Since there are a lot of hearing-impaired people who enjoy music, we have conducted several experiments to see what they listen to in music and how they like music. In an experiment with a music game that uses music performances and readings of poems, we asked four subject groups to participate: 1) people with hearing impairment, 2) people with less music experiences, 3) people with good music experiences, and 4) people with less music experiences and not Japanese native. We show the results especially how hearing-impaired people play the music game.
Participation The seminar will be presented in Japanse. No charge to participate and no reservation is needed. Participation in the discussion is optional.


The 134th Colloquium poster